Jacquise – Maakamma (Natural Hair Rollin’  Founder & CEO) began her career in beauty school in St.Louis, MO at 19 years old. She also acquired master skills as a barber through an apprenticeship. Since then she has owned 4 Salons in St. Louis, MO. She eventually grew her skills and knowledge to heights she never imagined. After years of effort & persistence, Jacquise successfully brought Natural hair Rollin’ to  Houston’, Texas. She’s Literally taking her skills on the road to be known as the best natural hair salon in Houston specializing in Healthy Hair cultivation. Jacquise takes pride in servicing her loyal beloved clientele. 

Natural Hair Rollin’  is committed to informing and educating each client on proper hair care, health, maintenance, and styling options to ensure they can experience the most successful hair journey. Know that if you decide to choose Natural Hair Rollin’ for hair care needs, We Promise ensure you always have a pleasant experience. 

Our Services

Locs & Twists Styles

You have so many options when it comes to locs & Twist!

You can two strand twist, finger twist or comb twist and we have you totally covered ! We maintain all forms of locs. If you have traditional free locs, interlocs, micro locs or palm rolled locs ... we will nurture them root to tip.

Moisture Treatments

The process of hydrating the hair using different products and tools using heat to penetrate the cuticle of your hair strands and scalp.


Using clippers and scissors - over- comb techniques to cut the hair.


Boost your personality with a bit of color. We do this in so many ways, chemically or topically changing or enhancing the natural hair color.

IF your hair is dry, give natural hair rollin' a try

MY Philosophy

Our hair is just an outward extension of our body. Health starts from inside out. When our bodies are working at optimum or normal level we can expect our hair to pretty much be on the same track. We should factor in the health of our body while trying to maintain and grow healthy

 Hair care is an ongoing effort. We should always condition our hair every time we shampoo, we should periodically deep condition, steam, trim and treat our hair for optimum
results. I like to develop a program for each client since everyone’s needs are different. You will require
different products within the process for different reasons. Let Natural Hair Rollin be your go-to
natural hair stylist


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••••• Two-Strand 7-9”, Quick Moisture, Add-Ons "The Salon experience I've been searching for! I've finally found. I enjoyed this experience and will definitely be back. Thank you sooooo much Jacquise! ?"
"Shampoo was everything. Very thorough, detailed and knowledgeable. I absolutely love the hair education on the walls. I learned so much before even sitting in the chair. Still not complete but I’m sure it’s going to be amazing"
Tina Broadway
"I love my locs now that I switched to J! ??"
Michelle W.


All I Know is Hair. I am 100% Focused and committed to delivering a quality experience when you book your hair appointment with me.


Head of NHR , & Naturl Stylist


Most frequent questions and answers

Your hair’s porosity is your hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture. You can have low,
normal or high porosity.

Low Porosity is when your hair doesn’t easily allow moisture in or out. The cuticles are tightly bound by overlapping and allows for product buildup

Normal Porosity is when your hair allows moisture in and out readily. Your hair holds its style
and doesn’t suffer from dryness

High Porosity is when your hair is damaged by chemicals like hair color, relaxers or heat. Your
cuticle has gaps and/or holes that makes it easy for moisture to be received and lost. Your hair
is more prone to frizz and it must be sealed for protection

A cowash is a shampoo, but the product is a conditioner
I recommend cowashing more than shampooing with regular shampoo. It will help your hair to
retain more moisture during the cleansing process

There are many reasons to trim your hair which may or may not fit into a particular schedule.

Things such as too much manipulation, weather, friction with materials like caps or pillows, etc.
the minimum hair trimming schedule should be seasonally, meaning each season of the year.

Here a few signs that you’re in need of a hair trim: Single strand knots, not growing, split or
frayed ends, very uneven hair and even when your hair doesn’t flow right

ACV better known as apple cider vinegar has benefits for your hair such as: 

treats dandruff, treats dry & itchy scalp, smoothes your cuticle for frizz control, balances your hair’s ph level for safeguarding against bacterial and fungal growths, cleanses your hair, adds natural body, detangles and adds shine.

Yes, I can grow your hair if we agree on a needed regimen to get your hair from point A to point
B. There are steps to healthy hair growth

You can shampoo as often as you like as long as you hydrate your hair, seal it and protect it all
in the same process